I was born 25 years ago in Poland. I graduated from Wrocław University of environmental and life sciences. I’m a engeneer. Fuck yeah! Last 7 years I’ve been working as a designer/web-designer, front-end developer, so I have some skills in programming. It’s help me better understand capabilities browers, development possibilities and design.

Currently I run my own creative studio. Always available for interesting projects.

Little more...

I love travel - I want see every corner of the earth. There is so many beautiful places... Yeah I know it’s not posible but I want to!


extream sports, always listing music and learning photography

Check my photos and video on 500px, thumbr and vimeo

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  • in-media.pl - Web designer
    09.2010 - 01.2012 (1 yr 8 mth)
  • favore.pl - Graphic / Front-end Developer
    04.2014 - 01.2016 (1 yr 9 mth)
  • imado.pl - Graphic / Developer
    04.2016 - currently

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